About Us

Inwius is a specialised investment firm that operates across a wide platform in the UK as well as in India. Based out of London, Inwius has an immediate advantage of being in the heart of a top financial centre that brings with it real estate that attracts global occupiers and strong covenants. Our counterpart in Pune, India gives us a wider market to operate across.


The inspiration behind starting Inwius came from the need to create numerous investment opportunities in the market and enabling our customers to benefit from these opportunities. We offer alternative investment services across a range of equity, fixed income, absolute return, and alternative strategies. Inwius is all about creating a personalized solution for wealth creation for our partners. INWIUS stands for Invest With Us!


INWIUS is more than just investments, we are keen to make things happen.


The retrenchment of lending in the real estate market in the UK and India was also a strong motivator for us to come up with a concrete and reliable solution for investors and developers alike. Our idea of conscientious investment is to develop strategies that continue to yield attractive and stable returns for the investors with a very significant downside protection and minimal risk. Moreover, we are equipped to manage assets on behalf of institutional investors, banks, family offices as well as private clients.


We offer customised solutions for developers as well as investors based on their needs. We deliver funding, to capable developers on good assets throughout the UK as well as in India. On the other hand, our market reach is a direct pathway for successful investments in the real estate market for investors.

INWIUS Brochure 2017