Funding for Startups


INWIUS Startup Fund provides Start-Up Loans & Funding and one-to-one business advice to entrepreneurs launching or growing a business in India

Raising enough money to start a small business can be difficult. The process begins with working out your start-up and operating costs for the year, which you can compare against anticipated sales. Even with a reasonably healthy turnover, your business might have to operate at a loss for a while, which means your borrowing requirements will be greater. Once you know how much money you need (plus a bit more for unexpected expenses), you can consider how you can raise the money you need.


We provide funding through our investment funds and a network of private investors based in India and coming from abroad. Our preferred model is to combine both types of investment in order to cover the first round. We assist the company in their first years from the first investment round, through follow up funding to Series A.


We work with start-ups throughout all the stages of their development



We tend to be the very first investors into the business. We provide the seed funding from multiple sources and that's just the beginning of our collaboration with start-ups



Once the investment is in we support startups in their growth. We advise them and we make important introductions to mentors and providers of crucial business services.



We know that most startups need more investment after the seed funding. Our role is to make them ready for this and to help them in getting new investment