International Property Investment

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When it comes to smart, sound financial investment, a diversified portfolio is an answer. Real estate investment comes with a magnitude of opportunities, hefty returns and a level of reliability that makes it the perfect sector to diversify a portfolio into and spread the investment risk.At INWIUS, we offer full service for property investment, specialising in international real estate. We offer a complete 360-degree solution for property investment. Currently, we offer an end to end solution for residential real estate investment opportunities in the UK.

Moreover, at INWIUS we offer property investment opportunities to high-net-worth investors. These investments make for a strong and diverse portfolio by adding global real estate investment to it. Our approach is to provide an end-to-end investment solution to investors under one roof. It is all backed by a team of experienced real estate and investment professionals who possess a thorough knowledge of the field. Our team also has the expertise to understand and untangle the complexities of property investment. Our experience helps us use all that understanding and apply it appropriately.

Global property investment has been looked at as an intimidating field, especially when it comes to private investors. Our goal is to change that and make purchasing, managing and capitalising global property investment synonymous with ease and hassle-free investing. Before investing, we believe in doing certain things that help us understand and then invest better in any venture. Thorough research of the economic structure and fundamentals of the country and a specific region is the first thing we do. Post that we diligently research the developer and that particular development. 

All our opportunities are chosen due to their strong investment cases and typically reflect most, if not all of the following: 


  • Transport Links: Within minutes of public transport typically within 30 minutes of the CBD;

  • Infrastructure Projects: Such as Cross Rail, HS2, Tram links;

  • Regeneration: Spurt in the rise in demand of an area;                                   

  • Gentrification: A key indicator demonstrating the rise in profile and demand of a particular area;                                  

  • Ripple Effect: Identifying pockets of value which can benefit from rising demand and value rippling out from the CBD;                                                  

  • Affordability:  Based on the investor and future prospects keeping the financial trends in mind

  • Demand / Supply Imbalance:  Popular localities that are desirable but low on space

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